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Swann Dome Joystick Controller - 3 Axis
The Swann PTZ joystick is an advanced 3 axis control keyboard compatible with Swanns 24V/AC high speed dome cameras. It can control 32 high speed domes simultaneously and provides focus and iris control, set preset cruise, pan/tilt and zoom control via the joystick.
Metal Detector
The circuit described here is that of a metal detector. The opera- tion of the circuit is based on superheterodyning principle which is commonly used in superhet receivers. The circuit utilises two RF oscillators. The frequencies of both oscillators are fixed at 5.5 MHz.
Spy Mobile Sensor
It is useful for room/office monitoring without any security guard.When anybody enters into the room,you will get SMS immediately on mobile phone & you will become alert.
School Bag For Children
Ergonomically designed for comfort wearing.Good for children.It comes with:Collect the live verbal conversation going on around children with this bag.
Sigma R-W CD
A power button that allows to switch a TV on or off.The device is so small that it easily fits in your pocket.Feature which allows to turn TVs on or off quickly and easily.Universal Remote Control which works by shining pulses of invisible light that tells most any TV to turn off or on.
Spy Car Kit
Wear the lightweight frames with the single LCD lens to ensure you're the only one who views the video transmitted through your RC vehicle. Adjust the camera angle on the wireless spy car and send it on secret missions using the hand-held remote control.Observe the journey and the destination through the small screen attached to headset.
Home And Office Security In (CPU)
Designed to easily support CPUs weighing up to 70 lbs. Slides easily and smoothly on nylon glides in 16" trackRotates a full 360 for complete access to cables and portsEasy-grasp handle facilitates accessInstalled dimensions:Width: CPU width + 3.5"Height:CPU height + 4.5" Color:
Door Surveillance
Door SURVEILLANCE allows a person to stand 7 feet away from your door and see a camera's eye view of the other side with super wide angle no distortion.Can be installed in any metal or wood door up to two-inches thick.High quality security instrument with a series of advanced high-tech prism and ultra-precision optical.
Caller Id And Digital Spy Recorder
It also displays the time and date of the conversation! Phone call info is also stored on the cassette tape, ensuring recorded conversations are always organized and accurate.
Small Car Live Video Viewer
It is controlled through the mobile phone.Best used for tracking & controlling goods vehicles.
High frequency scanner is used to detect peeping cameras, tapping, cellular phones and other radio frequency devices that may be hidden in home or office.
11 Records Found. | Page 1 of 1Previous Page | 1  |  Next Page