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Swann PRO 8 Channel With Alarm And Remote (Matrix)
Simply connect it to any TV, VCR or a Swann security LCD monitor with up to 4 security cameras, and keep an eye on everything from one central location. Features - live camera viewing and an auto switch function.
Swann Max-IP-Cam Network Camera
It allows you to record movement and save it to a SD Card or your hard drive. It is ideal for monitoring the office after hours, your children in the backyard whilst you are on the computer and general security surveillance. You can also see in the dark with its special built-in infrared LEDs.
Swann Audio SpyCam
Connect the camera to a TV VCR or LCD screen with an AV input hide the camera in a discreet position (i.e in a plant beind a picture frame or in-between a few books) and receive quality color video images. Swann SpyCam is not much bigger than your thumb making it ideal for undercover assignments and undetected surveillance.
Swann AV Multi Switcher With Remote
Connect up to 4 security cameras to the AV Multi-Switcher and create an entire surveillance system that can be controlled from the comfort of your lounge room. The built-in switcher automatically switches between each camera with adjustable delays of 1 to 20 seconds.
Swann Mini CCD Color Pinhole Camera
It gives you the ability to be discreet when keeping an eye on your property, valuables and for general security purposes. This high resolution surveillance camera can be viewed by easily connecting to a TV, DVR or security monitor.
Swann Night Hawk Mobile Viewer Kit
The Swann Mobile Viewer combines portability with the convenience of wireless surveillance. The Viewer is your own handheld, portable colour monitor and is compatible with many 2.4GHz wireless cameras. The receiver displays high resolution colour LCD images and transmits audio from cameras within a range of 30-50m.
Swann Mega Flood Security Camera
It provides you with a durable, weather resistant surveillance option. You can position it outside to monitor your children, valuables or any unwanted visitors. It has a high resolution CCD image sensor and infra-red LEDs allowing you to monitor during day & night. Connect it to your TV for an easy viewing.
Swann NightHawk Wireless Outdoor Camera
It is versatile with infra-red LEDs to see in the dark, a durable metal case for weather resistant viewing, and a colour video sensor for clear image resolution. Connect the receiver to your existing TV or VCR, plug in the power and away you go!
Swann Night Hawk 2 Camera Pack
The pack includes a 4 channel receiver and 2 versatile Nighthawk cameras with infra-red LEDs to see in the dark, color image sensor for clear image resolution, microphone for audio reception and a durable metal case for use outdoors.
Swann Maxi Day/Night Wired Camera
Monitor your premises day and night with clarity of up to 66 feet in total darkness. It comes with an adaptive mounting bracket, which can be easily installed to ceilings and walls to ensure you have no security blind spots around your premises.
Swann MC4A plus Receiver- Wireless Eagle Eye
It transmit up to 160ft (50m), used with a 9V battery or the mains power adapter included in the kit. You can change the frequency on the camera and receiver to get the best reception. Connect it to your TV or plug it into your VCR to monitor and record your surveillance.
11 Records Found. | Page 1 of 1Previous Page | 1  |  Next Page