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Digital Cameras

In the past twenty years, most of the major technological breakthroughs in consumer electronics have really been part of one larger breakthrough. When you get down to it, Cameras and Digital Cameras are one of them.Its all about digital and optical Zooms and its about Mega Pixels check out more about it on "How Gadgets Work" by clicking the link above.
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Sony DSC-T30
Price KSH 31034.00
Sony DSC-H2
Price KSH 22413.00
Canon PowerShot A550
Price KSH 16379.00
Price KSH 15000.00
Price KSH 13000.00
Sony DSC-T100
Price KSH 31896.00
Canon PowerShot A450
Price KSH 15200.00
Price KSH 8534.00
Sony DSC-N2
Price KSH 28448.00
Sony DSC-T20
Price KSH 23275.00
Sony DSC-H7
Price KSH 32327.00
Sony DSC-W30
Price KSH 12931.00
Sony DSC-W80
Price KSH 21551.00
Sony DSC-S500
Price KSH 16288.00
Sony DSC-H9
Price KSH 34482.00
Sony DSC-N1
Price KSH 36206.00
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FireWire? Also called iLink and IEEE 1394, this fast connection interface is found on many camcorders, all new Macs and most PCs.
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Hi Guys, I bought recently a digital camera from you drop shipped to Hyderabad and I am satisfied with your immediate ship service, congratulations. keep the good work going.
Shashi, Hyderabad.