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Windows 2000 Server Tutor CD
The Windows 2000 Server Tutor educates with the installation, troubleshooting, networking, etc., in Windows 2000 Server. To simplify the concepts the CD has 253 videos that explain every process practically.
Pdf to Word Converter
Solid Converter PDF can be used as a stand-alone program, a plug-in for Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat, or as a right-click option in Windows Explorer. It fits in easily with your work style and the programs you frequently use. Save time by converting several documents at once. Use Solid Converter PDF from the command line interface to batch-process numerous documents.
Virus Buster Professional (1 year upgrades) Licence - CD
VirusBuster Professional provides comprehensive protection for every workstation. Besides the resident file protection, it protects everyday work and e-mails by integrating into Microsoft Office applications and detects removes all harmful programs arriving from the Internet either while browsing or e-mailing.
The Picture Dictionary CD
The Picture Dictionary can help you go a long way in being intellectual and stirring-up enthusiasm. Dictionary in 9 languages, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali & Oriya. It has an exhaustive list of entries in 7 topics and Audio support for better pronunciation.
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2007 Standard
Microsoft Encarta Standard 2007, the number-one best-selling encyclopedia brand, is the trusted multimedia resource for family,Find the content and resources need quickly and easily.
Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 CD - 3 user
Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 provides you with the same proven anti-virus protection as Kaspersky Anti-Virus together with additional features including Parental Control, a personal firewall, an anti-spam filter, Privacy Control and more.
Active PDF Server Professional ESD
activePDF Server enables you to quickly and easily add PDF conversion functionality to your business applications- literally, anything that can be printed to a printer can be converted to PDF using activePDF Server. Whether the output comes from Crystal Reports, legacy Visual Basic applications, or Microsoft Office, generating PDF is as easy as calling the StartPrinting command.
Britannica Encyclopedia 2009 Ultimate Reference Suite
When you need the facts, turn to the 2009 Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD for trusted information written by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors, and other noted authorities. From the youngest student to the curious adult to the most advanced researcher, users of every level will find what they need.
Unistal Crash Proof with BitDefender Internet Security 2008 CD
Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading providers of data care, data recovery, anti-virus and Internet security products, services and training today announced that it has tied up with world's leading security solutions company BitDefender. Unistal will be selling BitDefender's SOHO, SME, Enterprise and Service provider range of security solutions and products in India.
Installshield 2009 Premier Edition Licence ESD
InstallShield is the industry-standard tool for ensuring that your Windows software products are correctly installed, configured,updated, and eventually uninstalled on your customers' systems. The top-tier InstallShield Premier is the most powerful, capable, and widely-used edition among installation developers worldwide.
Busy Accounting 3.5 Standard Single user Box CD
BUSY Accounting 3.5 Standard Single user Box CD is targeted at the organisation having trading activities.You can maintain your advance accounting like credit limits, Budgets, targets, Bank reconciliation etc. and advance inventory reports like Batchwise reports, critical levels, Multiple price list, order processing etc.
The Spoken English CD
The Spoken English CD is for effective spoken English skills, it has exquisite blend of didactic skills and intuitive presentation, designed to emulate everyday situations you may experience right from the milk booth, booking an air ticket to facing an interview.
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Bundle License key (Contains Textures/Nature/Impact)
The bundle includes full, retail copies of Eye Candy 5: Textures (a collection of ten seamless texture generators that produce a wide variety of texture effects, including snake and lizard skin, fur, brick, stone and wood), Eye Candy 5: Nature (a collection of ten Photoshop filters that beautifully render a wide variety of natural effects.
Busy Accounting 3.5 LT Single user Box CD
In a major breakthrough in accounting software, Busy has introduced a barcode printing utility that offers integrated accounting solution. Targeted towards the retail segment, the new Item Barcode printing utility will work in conjunction with Busy software 3.0 onwards. With the introduction of the new utility, Busy is now in a position to offer POS solution to retail outlets.
Animated Magic Alphabets CD
Animated Magic Alphabets introduces all the alphabets through animated characters with interlaying messages. Children will feel that the characters are interacting with them directly,It is not only useful to learn alphabets but also helpful to know the characteristics of the characters.
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