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MS MSDN Academic Alliance Renewal CD

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Model No : MS MSDN Academic Alliance  Renewal CD

MS MSDN Academic Alliance Renewal CD -1 Year Upgrades

MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a Microsoft program which provides some Microsoft developer tools for free to students and faculty in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, and related fields. The participating schools pay an annual fee to avail this alliance. One of the benefits of MSDNAA is that the participating department can acquire free copies of Microsoft Windows Server, Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows Vista, and other Microsoft products for lab computers. The program also allows students and faculty to obtain free copies of select Microsoft products, including Windows Vista Business and Visual Studio 2005 Professional, for use in coursework and personal non-commercial projects. Students may continue to use these products even after they graduate for non-commercial purposes. Despite its name, an MSDNAA account is not a true MSDN account and cannot be used to access the subscriber's section of the MSDN website or its downloads. Access to MSDNAA software is done through a separate website run either by e-academy or by the university/high school itself. The service run by e-academy is called E-academy License Management System or ELMS. Colleges and universities are mainly served by this program, but a high school version of the MSDNAA is also available.

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