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PSP Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions

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Product Name : PSP Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions

Product info :
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, since it''''s a great game even by modern standards. If you''''re new to Tactics, you''''ll find a strategy role-playing game with plenty of deep gameplay and one of the finest stories in a Final Fantasy game to date. If you''''ve already experienced the 1998 PlayStation original, you''''ll enjoy some nifty additions in this enhanced port, including terrific cutscenes,new character classes, and new playable characters. There are some noticeable issues in the presentation, and some lurking frustrations in the gameplay remain. In the context of such satisfying gameplay, though, the annoyances are easy to forgive--especially considering you can squeeze 60 or 70 hours of quality entertainment out of it.

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