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MiTAC satguide GPS cum Pocket PC.
SatGuide uses the most advanced GPS Integrated Pocket PC from one of the hardware leaders, MiTAC of Taiwan. As the device itself is a Pocket PC you can keep most business and personal information up-to-date and close at hand. Microsoft ActiveSync increases the power of your Pocket PC by allowing you to synchronise the information on your desktop with your Pocket PC.
GPS Technology
SatGuide uses global positioning system (GPS) with smart sensors to achieve the accuracy needed for turn-by-turn directions. GPS is a network of 24 U.S. military satellites that emit radio signals, which have digitally encoded information. Integrated GPS receivers receive these radio signals from the satellites. The software to arrive at the accurate position then processes these signals. The device to give an accurate positioning should receive signals from a minimum of 3 satellites. Nevertheless on any given time the receiver is capable of receiving signals from 12 satellites at a time. In addition to this the navigation software extracts other useful information from the GPS signals, like the current height above mean sea level, current speed you are traveling at, which direction you are headed to etc. In short it captures every information that is required to ensure that you reach your destination. GPS works on the concept of triangulation. The GPS satellites transmit radio signals and its region of influence covers the entire globe. The GPS receiver in SatGuide calculates your position dynamically and plots your position on a map. And an accurate location of your vehicle is calculated. Now you can leave your worries. With SatGuide you will always be in control. And best of all, this comes for free. There are no recurring charges that you will have to incur for using the satellite.
The Handheld PDA is provided by Mitac a taiwan based company.Processor details and configration can be checked on pdf catalogue.
Main Features.
A Touch Screen that displays the output of your Pocket PC keeps you going with style. Tap the screen with a stylus to select menu commands or enter information. Four customizable Program Buttons provides a quick way to run a specific program and makes life convenient. Today Screen will show you at a glance all the important information of the day, now you will never miss an appointment. A GPS receiver receives the signals from the GPS satellites overhead and tells you your exact location.
It is a windows based PDA having Windows Mobile edition 2003.
Key features include:
Comprehensive listings of Point Of Interest. Now you will never have to search for the nearest ATM. It will be just a tap away. Large screen ensure a large map viewing area. Advance Trip Planning functionality. Clear and multiple voice alerts on upcoming user defined Point of Interest. Voice Alerts on all directions to reach the destination. Birds-eye view, an enhancement of the standard map view. Night color skin, to assist night - time driving. Show route indicates Distance and estimated traveling times. Detailed, clear and visible Driving Directions. Selecting of Avoid Roads feature
Map Data
SatNav has designed and developed GIS road and Point of Interest databases for 24 major Indian cities. SatNavs database is used for various In Vehicle Navigation, Telematics and GIS product applications. The database is categorized into polygon data, linear data, and point data. The linear data (Road Network) is sub-categorized into highways, major roads, minor Roads and streets and the point data is further categorized into 24 categories excluding sensitive information. SatNav has developed the above databases in a low cost model to ensure that the return on investment calculations are favorable since the ability and potential of users to pay for map data is yet to be proven.
In this New world of technology there are number of benefits, however some are stated below.
SatGuide Saves you Time
Makes your trip productive. You dont have to stop when you are confused about a turn. All you have to do is enter your address. SatGuide will calculate the best route for you. No more driving around to look for a restaurant or ATM, SatGuide lists several of them. All you have to do is pick one and you are on the move.
Drive with Confidence
SatGuide gives you turn-by-turn directions, you will confident on the wheels. It is Hassle Free. Now you can enjoy those long drives with your loved ones and never fear.
Simple to Use
State of the art GPS technology and digital mapping will keep you going. Simple and clear voice prompt and visual directions
Maps available.
Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Banglore and pune
One Year Manufacturers Warranty.

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