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Sony HVL-F56AM

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Model No : Sony HVL-F56AM

Dimensions (W x H x D) : 77.5 x 132 x 99.5mm
Weight : Approx. 370g
Colour : Black
Operating Temperature : +0 to +40?C
Storage Temperature : -20 to +60?C

Battery Power Requirements
Type / Required Number : AA Alkaline or AA Ni-MH / 4

Flash Function
Shooting Distance : F2 :0.7m to 28m
Guide Number : Worth 56 (at 85mm lens focal distance)
Number of flashes : More than 90 times (Alkaline battery)
Lighting Angle (Vertical) : Approx 45 Degrees (at 35mm lens focal distance)
Lighting Angle (Horizontal) : Approx. 60 Degrees (at 35mm lens focal distance)
Colour Temperature : Approx. 5700K
Connecter : Intelligent Accessory Shoe
Automatic Light Control : Yes
Bounce Angle : Upward 90 Degrees, Downward 10 degrees, rightward 90 degrees, leftward 180 degrees
READY Lamp :Yes
Wide Panel : Yes
Lighting Angle (Vertical) - When using the wide panel : When using the wide panel : Approx 115 Degrees
Lighting Angle (Horizontal) --When using the wide panel : When using the wide panel : Approx 125 Degrees

Warranty : One Year.

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